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April's Spotlight Product

Hello April and everyone. Hope everyone is safe and recovering from the rocky transition from March to April. We know some experienced tornados, some snow, and some heavy rain, wind, and lightening. Most probably preferred a gentler transition and with that in mind, we would like to introduce our salve that does just that. Coax Me Gently, a Black Drawing Salve.

Black drawing salve has been around for some time and gained popularity in the late 1800s. As of late, many may have read about the dangers of black drawing salve due to their ingrients. We formulated ours to be effective and gentle. No corrosive ingredients. Our formula was created to make sure that the coaxing effects of activated charcoal and bloodroot is balanced with herbs that nourishes our skin.

If you have an intruder, like a splinter for example, place the salve over the splinter and cover with a bandage. The bandage is to keep from staining anything along with staying put. We like to apply to a clean surface after intrusion and remove within a couple hours to check on the evacuation process of the intruder. No more laboring with a child who is already upset about the intruder with a needle to pick it out with. Now with the drawing salve, the child will receive pain relief from the arnica, Full Spectrum Hemp, and lavender spike along with anti-bacterial assistance from the tea tree and oregano to the anti-inflammatory relief from the calendula, plaintain, and Full Spectrum Hemp.

Each salve is housed in a 2oz tin with the following ingredients:

Full Spectrum Hemp
Tea Tree
Lavender spike
Non-nano zinc oxide
Caster oil
Colloidal Silver
Activated Charcoal

Click this link to purchase.

We will dive deeper into the ingredients later this month to share the benefits further. Until next time, get outside and watch Earth awaken from her deep winter slumber.

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