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December's Spotlight Product

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Good morning December and good night November. Many of us began our holiday traditions in October and will not be break until after the New Year. Maybe your house is filled with activities, decorations, travels, or planning. Maybe we can help with another sweet treat that you already grab for in the holiday months, Vanilla Extract.

Most of us love the taste and aroma of vanilla. We are taken back to a place of comfort and warmth with her deep and sweet woody yet spicy smell. Let's return to this place of comfort and warmth again and again with the added benefits of hemp that gifts us addtional vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, K, folate, and calcium. 
Handcrafted Small Batch Vanilla extract
•vanilla bean 
•Full Spectrum Hemp infused

Enjoy the added benefit of Full Spectrum hemp infused in this vanilla extract. Rather it's in your coffee or tea, your favorite cookie recipe, or anything thing else you grab the extract for, grab this version instead.

Still working on holiday gifts? This will also make a great gift for love ones attached to your favorite recipe that they enjoy when you make. You can also take it an additional step and put the ingredients you need for the recipe in a jar to go with the recipe and vanilla. Stay tuned and we will share how later this week. Until then, stay merry!

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