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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. We hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones or spend time with sweet memories made with them. This day is hard for many and we pray that the love over powers the burden.

We offered our With Love Gift Boxes earlier this month and will continue to offer until the end of this month. We understand that life happens and if you still want to share your love for those special in your life, who says the gift must be given on a specfic date. So here is the link if you want to shower someone with love or even yourself,

Anyone preparing for Spring yet? Weather has warmed some in the South and gives a glimpse of what the warmer days will bring. We plan on welcoming spring here at Zao Organics by sharing our favorite herbs. We want to share with you why we love them along with how helpful they can be for us. Maybe it will inspire you to add herbs to your home and/or garden. We would also like to hear from you. What are your favorite herbs and why. If you are curious about an herb and would like to learn more, let us know and we could feature it as well. So make sure you have signed up for our newsletter so you won’t miss any post.

Until next time friends and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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