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January's Spotlight Product

Hello 2022 and Happy New Year everyone. We are excited for 2022 life journey and hope you are too. If health is on your mind, let us be of some help. Maybe this year you’re striving to give up nicotine and looking for something else to soothe your desires. Take a look at our Full Spectrum Pre Rolls.

Have you established a habit of smoking and seeking an alternative? We are all aware of the side effects of smoking cigarettes. Look no further, Premium Pre Rolls can replace your cigarettes. These Pre Rolls house the flower buds of our Full Spectrum hemp to deliver the full power and spectrum of CBD. 
SMALL Batch Handcrafted 3 Pack
-3 ct
-0.7 g per
-contains <0.3% THC

We have listed new products on the site. We will be taking a journey through the herb garden this spring. Hope you will join us.

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