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We strive for homeostasis in our lives, our bodies, and our world. We seek it with our mind, body, and souls. Nature provides a great example of this and one of several gifts is hemp. Homeostasis is achieved naturally by the flowers by expressing a medley of oils. Some of these oils are aromatic, while some have antioxidant properties. The flower expresses cannabinoids that are unique to Cannabis sativa. All this balance is captured in these capsules.

We hope today finds you well and blessed and wanted to share information regarding our Full Spectrum Hemp capsules. We have shared the history of hemp but we wanted to take the time to discuss our natural desire for homeostasis in our lives, our bodies, and our world.

Most of us have found ways to aid in the balance of our world and lives but often we find it difficult to find the same balance in our bodies. Many of us may remember the anatomy song taught to us in home and/or school. We can see ourselves being made up of different parts. We may forget that these parts are working together in a state of homeostasis. This is what allows us to thrive. Without this homeostasis, often imbalance creeps in and causing illness that can fill the spectrum of ailments. At times, that imbalance is inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is our immune systems response to reclaim homeostasis in our bodies. Studies are showing that inflammation is linked to pain and illness and when it becomes chronic it is linked to many diseases like diabetes, arthritis, IBS, and cancer.

Scientist are busy attempting to find triggers and cures for inflammation. Many studies are now discovering that Cannabinoids are effective in reducing an inflammatory response that appears in our bodies. Cannabinoids, including CBD, are found in hemp. So we have decide to capture this powerful plants ability in our capsules. Each bottle contains 30 capsules that house our Full Spectrum Hemp in each capsule.

Don't just take it from us, check out this review from our current customer Eric.

So I suffer from chronic pain of the result of severe trauma. As well as mental problems such as depression and bipolar disorder. I've been using cbd as a source of treatment for many years. I do not take pharmaceutical pain relief.. The relief I get from the ZAO hemp products is spectacular in comparison to other CBD hemp products. I love to smoke so the flower is my choice. It's smooth great flavor makes it enjoyable. It's unbelievable strength gives me the medical attention I need to tackle a day. The capsules are amazing I can sleep with no restless legs or back spasms.. thank you ZAO for a wonderful product.

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