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March’s Spotlight Product

Hello sweet March. We have been seeing Spring rear her head with beautiful Daffodils waking and increased bird song. How about you? Soon, more beauty will be waking which puts us in the mind of gardening.

So this month’s Spotlight Product is a great tool for a gardener, Mother’s Kiss: a Yellow Healing Salve. We love getting our hands nourished by earth’s surface but sometimes we receive small injuries to our bodies while gardening, playing, or simply enjoying. So we need gentle kisses to make us feel better and what better way than with our new salve.

"Ouch, not again. I need to go see Mother for her sweet kisses on my boo boo." This healing salve does just that, it heals and soothes like a mother's kiss.

Oh my wee one, Mother is here. Give me your boo boo and let me kiss it goodbye. Keep applying my kisses on your boo boo until much better. Clean area as usual.

The next couple of post, we will discuss the herbs housed in this salve. We hope you follow our journey with herbs. Stay tuned.

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