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Natural, Decarb, Which One? Both

If you have been around hemp products, you have come across the word 'Decarb' or 'Decarbing'. What does this mean and why can't we use use hemp straight from the plant?

Lets begin by defining terms. When you hear or read 'Decarb' or 'Decarbing', the word is shorthand for Decaroxylation. Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that causes carbon dioxide (CO2) to be released from the molecule.

We have discussed earlier about cannabinoids being found in nature but we didn't talk about the cannabinoid being accessible in it's natural state. Cannabinoid is inactive and acidic in nature which doesn't allow our bodies to use it freely, bioavailable. Through decarboxylation process, we are turning an inactive and acidic product and opening up the biodiversity of the benefits we find in cannabinoids.

Since we are using cannabinoids to achieve or maintain homeostatis, taking hemp through the decarboxylation process allows for the best benefit and several methods are available to do this. Some methods are more useful than others depending on what the end result is to be.

By the curing method, you are allowing the hemp to lay and dry out slowly. Through this slow drying process, it is also slow allow the cannabinoid to be bioavailable.

By the heating method, you are speeding up the decarboxylation process by applying heat. The heat can be applied via oven or microwave. With this process, you are heating the hemp to 230F, best temp to avoid destruction of terpenes and also prevents the cannabinoids from being destroyed.

By the smoking or vaping method, natural hemp is used. It is similar to the heating process but on a indiviual or single use basis. The heat applied while smoking the hemp, will initate the decarboxylation process and allows for immediate absorption into the bloodstream.

By the Sous Vide method, a Sous Vide precision cooking device is needed to heat the hemp to a specific temperature. The hemp is stored in a vacuum seal bags. The machine will be filled with water and heated to 230F and kept at that consistent tmperature. The vacuum sealed hemp is placed in the water once the specific temperature is met and kept in there for about an hour and a half. With all these process, this process is said to provide a even decarboxylation of the hemp.

So we can see that natural hemp can be used but for the best option, depending on the end product, is decarbed hemp. It allows for the most bioavailablity of all the power present in hemp.

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